Make a Payment

Use the form below to make credit card payments into your account for services received. We don't like to charge credit card fees to our customers, so we encourage you to try the following alternatives:

  • Zelle - From your bank to our bank, completely free and online. All banks support it. Your banking app and the bank website has it. Details: Make payments via Zelle to:  or 9042646666 (It will show up as registered to 2032 Carnes LLC).
  • Check - paper or electronic (if using online bill pay). Details: Make checks payable to My Maids and either hand to our staff, or mail to 2032 Carnes St, Orange Park, FL 32073
  • Cash - if you prefer cash, then just hand it to our staff.
  • Call/Text - if you prefer something else, then just call or text us at 904-264-6666, and we will be happy to assist you.

But if you really prefer to pay by credit card, then please note that the amount charged to your card will be amount credited + the fees charged by the credit card processor. We hope you understand.

Enter your full name, so we can apply the credit to the correct account.
(optional) description of the payment (such as "cleaning for yyyy-mm-dd")

This is the amount that is due on your account. Usually, it should be the price of the services provided to you, or whatever is your account balance.

If you are not sure of how much to enter, please call us at 904-264-6666.

Amount that will be charged to your credit card. This amount is automatically calculated as credited amount + credit card processing fees.
Enter your credit card details securely. Rest assured that none of this information goes to or is stored on our servers -- It goes straight to Stripe (payment processor) for maximum security.