Additional Services

window cleaning
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Window Cleaning

Clean windows provide plentiful, natural light that greatly enhances the atmosphere of a room. If a layer of dust and dirt forms over your windows it will block the sunlight and can make a room feel dim and lifeless. To avoid this and to maintain a welcoming beautiful home here is My Maids to keep your windowpanes fresh and spotless.






carpet cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning

The dirt in your carpet likes where it is – it has gotten close to the carpet fibers and started to form a bond with them. Clean carpets are the perfect tool to make your home feel attractive and fresh. We have the tools necessary to be the superior carpet cleaner to remove debris, oil, and spots. Our carpet cleaning method can make your carpets look and feel fresh once again.





tile cleaning
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Clean tile and grout is important to any well put together home. My Maids is here to ensure your tile and grout is as clean as can by. Our tile and grout cleaning service can help revitalize your tiled areas, bring the tile and grout back to it’s original color and make it look years younger, improving the overall quality of your home. My Maids can also apply sealant to keep your grout looking fresh and new.