Nothing makes a house feel and look cleaner than clean, shiny baseboards! Deep cleaning baseboards can be a tedious chore on your hands and knees but so rewarding when it’s done. The trick is upkeep! After deep cleaning or fresh paint, try making an effort to swifter dust or mop all baseboards every 2-4 weeks to avoid dust and pet hair build-up. Magic Erasers work well on scruff marks for touch-ups. Clean baseboards will make your floors look cleaner and overall appearance of your clean house sparkle!


Dirty doors and frames tend to go unnoticed until they are extra dirty. Though, they somehow manage to keep every fingerprint ever left on them! Panels collect dust and hair. Frames collect makeup. The bottom of the doors gets scuff marks. You don’t even realize how bad they get until after they are cleaned. Make doors and frames part of your weekly or biweekly cleaning routine. Try using a microfiber rag with soap and water or a magic eraser for the darker marks. A Clean door will make the whole room sparkle!

Kids and dogs always find a way to leave prints all over the windows and glass doors. Sometimes you can get away with spot cleaning, but it is so nice to have a clean fresh window to look out, enjoy your yard, and get some sunlight. An easy way to clean big window surfaces is to get a bucket filled with water and a few drops of Dawn dish soap. Use a rag to wash the window and a microfiber rag to dry.

Stainless Steel

Shiny Stainless-steel appliances can really brighten up a kitchen! Water drops and fingerprints can turn a beautiful refrigerator into a greasy looking mess. Remember to use an oil-based stainless cleaner and soft rag once a week to keep those appliances looking their best. A little goes a long way to keep that kitchen sparkling!

Light Fixtures

Is there anything more embarrassing than having company over and as soon as you sit down to dinner in your formal dining room, you notice a giant spider web hanging from the chandelier? One of those things you only notice when you sit right under it! Don’t let that happen again. Make sure to always remember to dust and wipe down those light fixtures and bulbs!

Outlets and light switches

Don’t forget to wipe down outlet covers and light switches for a finished look. Clorox wipes work well for this, making it easy and sanitized! This is a simple task to make sure everything looks and feels clean from top to bottom!