Get Motivated: Tips To Get Those
Chores Done!

Everyone loves a clean house but sometimes the most difficult part is just
getting started! We get so overwhelmed with kids, work, school, pets, etc that
when we finally get the time to do those chores that have been piling up we
just lack motivation. Here are a few tips to get you up and moving and
feeling proud of your home again.
?? Create a “Cleaning Playlist” ??
That perfect collection of songs that make you want to get up and dance! Get
the kids and turn up the music! Dancing and singing can make the time go by
faster and when you are having fun it doesn’t feel like doing “chores”.
Pick 3 Chores to focus on

What are the 3 chores that you have been avoiding? Those
ones that really get on your nerves. That stack of mail on your
dining room table? That pile of laundry that keeps getting
taller? The kids bathroom? When you get behind and
overwhelmed, make a list of three chores. When you complete
each one make sure you cross it off your list. This will make
you feel productive and keep you going! If you have help, it is
even better! Give everyone 3 chores each and you will be
done in no time!
Get those machines running!

You’ll be amazed how productive you feel by just starting
Starting your machines. Throw a load of laundry in the
washer. Finish filling the dishwasher and get it started. Bust
out the vacuum cleaner. Wow, look at that, you are already
well on your way down your list!
Rearrange a room
Rearranging furniture can completely change the look and
feeling of a room! It also forces you to clean under and behind pieces that
may not have been seen in a while. Clean as you go and then sit and enjoy
your new room knowing that it is finally “deep cleaned”.
Set a timer
This is a tip that I find particularly helpful when getting the kids to help. If
you set a timer for 20 mins, 30 mins, or even an hour, it takes the stress off of
thinking these chores are going to take up your whole day. You can even set
a “20 minute tidy up” timer every evening before bed to make sure you wake
up to a tidy house every morning!
Make your bed EVERY day
Something as simple as making your bed every day makes all the difference
when it comes to keeping your room clean. It makes everything feel cleaner
and keeps those decorative pillows off the floor. Now all you need is a quick
dust and vacuum and you can enjoy your quiet space.
These are just a few tips to get you motivated to keep up with your chores. If
you have any other ideas feel free to send us an email to add to our next blog!
….And if all else fails……
Call My Maids to come help!
(904) 264-6666